Amazing People

This past year has been a remarkable one for Pinewood Forest. While we are proud of the beautiful new homes, the parks, the walking trails, and so much more, our real joy has been welcoming fifty new families to the neighborhood. When twenty-five volunteers showed up to help our first home owners move in, you could tell it was all about the people, not the house.

I will never forget the feeling of watching our first young resident hop off the school bus and run home with her backpack in tow. Our weekly gathering of residents has turned into the coolest way to launch the weekend, and is something everyone looks forward to. There have been so many other special people moments this year… when our first Hollywood actor moved in, when our Forest School students showed off their entrepreneurial skills, when we all rallied to support a family that experienced a loss, our first alley party, and even the destruction of our huge hammock by 12 over-zealous young residents piling on top of each other.

Yes, Pinewood Forest has great buildings and great spaces, but our people are the most amazing asset we have. Can’t wait to see who moves in next.

Rob Parker, President