Better Way to Live?

For over 30 years town planners, architects, and designers have been working under the banner of “New Urbanism” as a way to describe a more strategic way to live, work and play. At Pinewood Forest we are blending the best of the walkable urban neighborhood of the past, with the beauty and elegance of a community intentionally designed for creatives, artists, storytellers and makers. Leveraging the best thinking in urban design and town planning, our team is also paying close attention to how design can improve both quality of life and human connectedness.

The more connected our residents are to each other, the better outcomes we see as it relates to physical, mental, emotional development. When you also add a deep commitment to the personal health and wellness of our residents, we believe that we can help improve not only the quality of their lives, but also the length. Is there a better way to live? We think so, and are working every day to discover it.

- Rob