Health & Wellness in the Forest

One of the building blocks of a great life is personal health and wellness. Early in the planning for Pinewood Forest, our founder cast a vision of a place where people would thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That first building block of physical health is foundational to the rest, and values prevention and heathy living as much as quality medical care. Creating a culture that encourages physical fitness and healthy nutrition includes both the built environment as well as the access to resources, support and programming. In partnership with Piedmont Fayette Hospital, Pinewood Forest has created a world-class Wellness Center in the heart of our Town Center that will provide comprehensive health, fitness, physical therapy, preventive care, and nutrition support to the Pinewood Forest family and the greater Pinewood community. While the Piedmont Wellness Center is ground zero for healthy living at Pinewood Forest, the entire community has been planned with wellness in mind. Whether it’s the fifteen miles of walking trails, healthy culinary choices, tennis, basketball, pickleball, or numerous fitness events, this is a healthy place to live. Come live healthy with us.

Rob Parker