If You Build it, They Will Come

For those of us who work every day to build Pinewood Forest, it is easy to lose sight of how much progress is being made towards creating a remarkable town. As we approach the completion of Phase One of our residential, and the first buildings in our Town Center are nearing completion, the aerial photos tell an amazing story. Two years ago when we were still carving out roads and putting in infrastructure, it was hard to see the progress. Now that we have 120 homes, multiple parks, a resort style pool, a 60,000SF Fitness & Wellness Center, as well as 263 multi-family units, multiple restaurants and retail spaces under construction, the dream is becoming a reality. Our vision to design and build a town for creatives, artists, storytellers, and makers is not just attracting attention, it is attracting an incredibly diverse group of people who are living, creating and playing here. It is certainly rewarding for our development team to realize that as we build it, they are coming. They really are!

- Rob