One of the common questions we get at Pinewood Forest is “Are you like _________?” People seem to be looking for a frame of reference or a way to describe what they are experiencing. Often they try to fill in the blank and say “Are you like Seaside…or Avalon…or Serenbe?” Although Pinewood Forest shares similar assets or characteristics with some of these successful and beloved communities, it is also remarkable in its differences. Common traits like mixed-use, walkability, environmental sustainability, and unique design elements, seem to inspire reasonable comparisons. So yes, you can walk to restaurants and retail shops like Avalon. And yes, we do have narrow streets and store our cars in garages and alleys behind our houses like Seaside. And yes, we do have a deep rooted commitment to the environment and beautiful outdoor spaces like Serenbe. But that just begins to describe PF.

The uniqueness of Pinewood Forest is the juxtaposition between the common characteristics of wonderful communities, and the remarkable differences unique to Pinewood Forest. Like a great recipe that is both sweet and spicy, it doesn’t make sense until you taste or experience it.

Pinewood Forest is both:

  • Urban & Rural
  • Classic & Modern
  • Simple & Complex
  • Active & Relaxing
  • Connected & Private
  • Remarkable & Attainable
  • Gritty & Glamorous

Since Pinewood Forest is so challenging to describe, I would like to extend a personal invitation for anyone to come experience it for yourself. Reach out to me at rob.parker@pinewoodforest.com and I will make sure you get an inside look.

- Rob