Learning from the Past

Recently two of our development team members attended a conference hosted by an organization of town planners, architects, designers and developers. One of the highlights of the conference was a series of tours of walkable neighborhoods in Miami that were built in the 1920’s. The focus on the 1920’s is based on the fact that neighborhoods during that decade were built without the automobile in mind. Although cars had been invented, they had not yet become available to the masses. Part of the beauty of towns like Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Buena Vista is that the architecture and the town design was not influenced by cars and garages. In nicer neighborhoods, carriage houses were positioned in the rear of the home and were serviced by an alley. This left the front of the home as a clean pallet for the architect to create something interesting and potentially timeless. At Pinewood Forest our talented designers are embracing the best of the past to create a sense of place that feels both old world and new at the same time. This walkable, European-inspired village is something that you just have to experience to truly understand. Come visit us and let us share this special place with you.

- Rob