The Weekly

Modernity has not been kind to our opportunities to connect with each other in meaningful ways. Yes, we have a society that is the most interconnected society in history of the world via new technologies, but algorithms are only so friendly.

In a town for creating, one of the primary raison d'etre is to create spaces for people to connect. To be known, and to know each other, and find meaning together is one of our primary goals. Last May, we tried out a new idea to help create connectivity: The Weekly. It was meant to be a space for us to connect with each other over a craft cocktail every Friday night. Nine months later its become the heart beat of our community.

The magic of The Weekly isn’t the cocktails, its our consistent vulnerability. Every week we create a space for each other to be known and just be. In that space we find meaning through sharing our experiences with one another, listening to each other, and finding beautiful ways to navigate life together.

What we discovered at Pinewood Forest last May on a dark and stormy Friday, is that this town isn’t just about the beauty of our sticks and bricks, its about the beauty of our shared experience together. What started at The Weekly, is now a bit more like The Daily, and that is something we think about kindly.