Piedmont’s Wellness Center Breaks Ground

Today’s groundbreaking was a flat out good time. Dan Cathy rode in on his bicycle, Jared, a stuntman/actor at the Studios led the crowd in some yoga, we were inspired by paralympian, Al Mead, eight time Mr. Olympian, Lee Haney, former Falcon’s offensive guard Garrett Reynolds, and as a fantastic surprise, Herschel Walker joined in the fun, too. Of course, our CEO, Rob Parker, and Piedmont Fayette’s, CEO, Michael Burnett also shared about the vision.

Wellbeing is so central to our mission here at Pinewood Forest that our Wellness Center is literally in the front and center of town—and it’s only fitting that it’s our first public building to break ground. But for us, wellbeing is not confined to a building, it’s top of mind in every inch of Pinewood Forest.

For now, let us answer all of your burning questions about the Wellness Center itself...

Q: What is the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forest?

A: The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forest is designed to push the forefront of wellness and preventive medicine solutions as we know them today, combining a state-of-the art fitness and sports training facility with access to nutritional counseling and outpatient rehab services, bringing access to care right into the community enabling and supporting healthy lifestyles and fitness goals. We believe this center is how communities will approach wellness in the future.

Q: How is a wellness center different from a traditional gym or fitness center?

A: Fitness equipment and exercise classes are just one element of our approach to wellness. Our Wellness Center offers programs that are tracked and overseen by medical professionals. They are focused on transferring patients from healthcare to wellness by introducing healthy lifestyle factors and exercise programs that create a culture of health and wellness. Our Wellness Center is designed to offer a bridge for continued medical care and provide support for managing a medical condition.

Q: What led Pinewood Forest to include a wellness center in plans for the community?

A: Wellness is central to the ethos of Pinewood Forrest, from sustainably designed structures, to a preservation of 118 acres of public realm green space, over 15 miles of trails and path systems, and intentional design to encourage interaction with neighbors and community. With a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles amongst residents and guests, placing the Wellness Center at the center of the community was a natural fit within Pinewood Forest.

Q: What are some of the special features planned for the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forest?

A: It will feature a 60,000 square foot aquatic and therapy pool, five fitness studios, including an active gaming component, 18,000 square feet of fitness space on two floors, a licensed D1 training center offering sports training for athletes of all generations, and space for indoor and outdoor fitness classes. The design is open, with two-story spaces and floor-to-ceiling glass walls for inspiring views overlooking The Grove that bring the outdoors into the facility. It will also include convenient access to outpatient physical rehabilitation services, medically integrated fitness and nutrition support and occupational therapy.

Q: What is medically integrated fitness?

A: Medically integrated fitness is focused on preventing disease and promoting good health. The best way to do this is through exercise and proper nutrition. The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forest focuses on the health and wellness of its members, offering programs that are individualized to each person’s needs.

Q: When do you expect to break ground on the facility?

A: March 2018.

Q: When will the facility open?

A: We expect the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forest to open in November 2019.

Q: What is the relationship between the wellness center and D1 Sports Training?

A: D1 offers specific sports training for athletes from youth to professional level with dedicated space for indoor and outdoor fitness training. The wellness center will be the first D1 location in Georgia and members will have access to small-group personal training classes with an athletic focused philosophy.

Q: Who will have access to use the wellness center and healthcare services?

A: The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center is open to the public. Pinewood Forest residents and other area neighbors and guests will have access to The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forest with a membership.

Q: Will there be a special relationship between Piedmont and Pinewood Forest residents or resident-only events or offers?

A: Although details are not final, Pinewood Forest anticipates bundling a membership to the Wellness Center with a home purchase.

Q: How are Pinewood Forest and Piedmont working together to design and bring this project to residents? Does Pinewood Forest have an active role in helping select features and amenities that will be meaningful to residents?

A: The two organizations, along with developer Pace Lynch Corporation, have deeply collaborated during the planning of this facility since 2015. The resulting design will offer a state-of-the-art medically integrated facility that aligns with the goals and desires of the Pinewood Forest community.

Q: Will this be the first time Piedmont has built a facility like this in a residential community? Is there a precedent for this?

A: This is the first time Piedmont has integrated a wellness location in a residential community. This is not only new territory for Piedmont, but it is at the forefront of emerging ideas for how to deliver better, more convenient preventive medicine and healthcare solutions.