Resident Profile: Cory, Spenser, and Eliot Hewett

What drew you to Pinewood Forest? At the time we were living in Buckhead and enjoyed the city’s energy and proximity. Cory’s parents live near Pinewood, so on our trips to see them we would pass this European-looking, growing collection of homes. When we learned it was a community built on storytelling, innovation, and entrepreneurship – we were sold.

How long have you lived in Pinewood Forest? We have lived here since November 2019.

What makes your home unique? I always envisioned living in a white brick home with so many big windows you never have to turn a light on unless its pitch dark outside. When we shared this with Lew Oliver, the community architect, he was able to make it real!

What is the best part of living in this community? There is an incredible sense of belonging. We’re surrounded by other people who also chose to be a pioneer. No one is here randomly, and all of our neighbors have something specific that drew them here, too.

What amenity are you enjoying the most in the Pinewood Forest community? Walkability—we see the kids walking to the school in the mornings or families with their dogs going around the lake in the afternoons. Additionally, we’re on a first-name basis with most the Piedmont Wellness staff, including our son, Eliot, who attends the childcare center there.

How does living in Pinewood Forest fuel your creativity? Being surrounded by other individuals who share a pioneering and innovative spirit, but also bring such different experiences and perspectives than ours fuels my creativity. It’s hard to quantify and impossible to plan for the serendipity that happens when talking to someone new and getting a spark for a new idea of your own.