Resident Profile: Mike and Melanie Duncan

What drew you to Pinewood Forest? We were drawn to the opportunity to live in an environment where there is an intentional focus on community and planned events to encourage interactions. Pinewood Forest is truly a place to live, work, and play.

How long have you lived in Pinewood Forest? We moved into our Pinewood Forest home in April of 2018.

What makes your home unique? From our home, we have a fantastic view of the sun setting over the lake every evening.

What is the best part of living in Pinewood Forest? The relationships with the friends we have made is the best part of living in this community.

What amenity are you enjoying the most in the Pinewood Forest community? We love to train at Piedmont Wellness Center, fish in the lake, and play with our dogs, Banshee and Cash Money, at the community dog park.

How does living in Pinewood Forest fuel your creativity? Living in Pinewood Forest fuels our creativity by providing a nurturing, supportive, and encouraging environment.