Resident Profile: Mimi Tin

What drew you to Pinewood Forest? I loved the idea of living and working within a walkable creative community, but I was also drawn by the thrill of the unknown. Being at the forefront of any new adventure is exciting for me.

How long have you lived in Pinewood Forest? About a year and a half.

What makes your home unique? Pinewood Forest allowed me to have creative input in the design and build of my home, so I was able to customize the interior with a floating steel staircase and additional windows, which flooded the house with light. I worked with the stone mason to create a one of a kind Louis-style mantel, and vintage crystal chandeliers from Paris and oversized moss walls add a "fairy tale" feel to the space.

What is the best part of living in this community? The serene lake in front of my house makes me feel like I'm living in a beautiful, natural setting, yet I can walk 100 yards and be in the center of a bustling town. I love having friends around all the time!

What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities? I love working out with my friends by the lake, doing art projects with the neighborhood kids after school and going for long walks around the trails with my neighbors.

What amenity are you enjoying the most in the Pinewood Forest community? Central Park is so dreamy with its cascading waterfalls and intricate stonework. I love hearing the sound of the water trickling down the path. The resort style pool and beautifully manicured parks make me feel like I'm on vacation all the time.

How does living in Pinewood Forest fuel your creativity? I'm inspired by nature, thoughtful conversations, diverse architectural styles, shapes and textures, unexpected challenges, growth and change. I’m surrounded by all of these at Pinewood Forest, and I am able to collaborate with fellow creatives within the community. Absolutely priceless.