Resident Profile: Neftali, Tokea, Neeyah, Saia and Tali Morales

How long have you lived in Pinewood Forest? We’ve been in the community since late 2019.

What makes your home unique? There are lots of special places in our home. A favorite is our reclaimed wood wall. The builders found the wood from a nearby barn, and it adds so much warmth and depth to our bedroom. The second would be our lovely customized courtyard. Although we haven’t gotten to spend much time out there yet, we’re excited to host friends and neighbors and watch movies outside!

What is the best part of living in this community? We love the sense of community—from prayer vigils and holiday celebrations to supporting The Forest School and its wonderful work!

What amenity are you enjoying the most in the community? The running trails in the morning, overlooking the lake. It is so serene and peaceful. I also love when the weather is warm enough to work outside in the parks.

How does living in Pinewood Forest fuel your creativity? Living in such a beautiful place reminds me to stop and be present and focus on quality of life. I’m now realizing it is more important to be still, present, and mindful. The beauty of Pinewood Forest reminds me to write, create, and try to change the world!