Resident Profile: Shauna and Kyson Galligan

What drew you to Pinewood Forest? I was drawn to Pinewood Forest because I loved the idea of a “community!” Being a single mom, the idea of having other kids to go outside and roam the neighborhood with sounded like a dream for my son. We love riding around the neighborhood on our bikes—absolutely the most perfect neighborhood for that!

What is the best part about living in Pinewood Forest? The best part about living in this community is the people. What a blessing it is to walk outside and everyone always seems to be smiling. Knowing we aren’t alone and surrounded by incredible souls and pure happiness is such a beautiful feeling!

What makes your home unique? Our home is unique because we are able to see the sunrise and sunset every day because of how our home is positioned!

How does Pinewood Forest inspire your creativity? Pinewood Forest hosts an enormous amount of creative energy and space no matter where you are on the property or which home you are in. The fact that I have so many amazing neighbors that constantly show love and support, not to mention the homes themselves are so beautiful and peaceful, it creates a magnificent work environment right in my own living room!

What is stuntwoman life like? Life as a stuntwoman is exciting and a true blessing as a mama. “Work hard, play hard” is exactly what it is. I work long hours, which makes for long weeks, but in turn, I get to enjoy being a full-time mom during the slow months. Yes, my body hurts on the daily, but I love the challenge and the action. I grew up an athlete and being able to continue to play and make a living out of it is absolutely amazing!