Simpler, fuller living

This year at SXSW in Austin, Dan and Rob (our visionary and our President) saw a Kasita and instantly captured their imagination. Dan said, "Oh, we've got to have one of those at Pinewood Forest." And now—tada!—we have the first Kasita in Georgia nestled down by our lake.

Kasita is a company started by "Dr. Dumpster" Jeff Wilson to explore solutions for more minimal and sustainable housing—explorations we care deeply about as well.

Intentional spaces can help foster our best selves. Our Kasita invites us to think through some of the questions we’re asking at Pinewood Forest:

  • How can we be more connected by being more free from our material objects?
  • How can we live simpler, but fuller lives?
  • What are the key essentials for me to thrive?
  • How can we be better residents of the earth?

A Kasita is 374 sq ft of smart design. It runs on an app on your phone and the whole lighting system uses less energy than a 100 watt light bulb. It's pretty cool. Stop by and check it out. Could you live in less than 400 sq ft?