Take a Seat

The major push for creating more walkable cities and towns has been a wonderful development for all of us. Having safe, interesting places to walk adds so much to the quality of life for residents and visitors. Although the automobile is still an important part of our transportation system, designing neighborhoods and towns that encourage people to walk has huge benefits.

At Pinewood Forest we have included 15 miles of sidewalks, trails and walking paths. Our residents enjoy beautiful scenery around our lakes, on our wetland trail and throughout the town.

In an effort to enhance our residents outdoor experience, we have recently launched a plan to add seating areas throughout the town that encourages our residents and guests to slow their pace and take a seat. Benches, chairs, hammocks, picnic tables, tree stumps, and other interesting approaches to outdoor seating are strategically placed to allow people to enjoy Pinewood Forest to its fullest.

Whether you are in the heart of the town center outside a restaurant or deep in the property on the wetlands boardwalk, seating is there to add to your enjoyment and help create a remarkable outdoor experience.

Come take a walk and sit for a bit.

- Rob