The Meeting

Although I am often asked by residents of Pinewood Forest to meet with them about an idea or to help solve a problem, the request for a meeting from Asher Albanese caught me by surprise. “I would like to have a meeting with you, Mr. Rob.” While her request was not unusual, the fact that Asher is 6 years old did make me pause and smile. When I went down on one knee to get eye-to-eye, young Asher went on to proffer this formal request: “On behalf of the kids at Pinewood Forest, I was wondering if you could build us a clubhouse?” Seriously? 6 years old?

Since I was clearly no match for this sweet little blond-haired cutie, I sought some reinforcement from our Chief Visionary Dan Cathy who happened to be there at Pinewood Forest that afternoon. With two senior executives on the scene, we could certainly handle this situation. Sadly, the two of us were outmatched. Not only did we agree to build a clubhouse at Pinewood Forest for Asher and her friends, but Dan negotiated additional concessions that included the design of a series of play houses to be built. Our residential builders don’t know it yet, but they are each going to get to build a miniature house for the kids. If any of them resist the invitation, my plan is to introduce them to young Asher.

We feel blessed to be building a community where we can say yes to fun and new ideas every day. Our team at Pinewood Forest loves to find a way to say yes, and moments like this meeting with Asher are part of the magic of building a truly authentic community. Please stop by and see us. We would love to share the magic with you.

- Rob