What's a Wattle?

After a year of research, design and prototyping, our Pinewood Forest team finally zeroed in on a remarkable enhancement to our main entrance. The challenge was to create a bridge railing that would be totally unexpected and signal that you have arrived in a special place. The answer was found in a centuries old European tradition of weaving wood saplings to create a all-natural tapestry. Most commonly used to create garden fencing, in this application the combination of vertical posts and horizontal stringers helped fashion a bridge railing so beautiful that it causes people to slow down to take a second look. With the simplest of tools and minimal hardware, this railing serves its functional purpose of safety, while also serving as a piece of natural art.

This attention to detail can be found throughout Pinewood Forest as our team works to design, build and serve a remarkable community for creatives, artists, storytellers and makers. Come see us at Pinewood Forest and check out the only Wattle bridge rail in Georgia...at least we think so.

Rob Parker, President