what if you could design a town from scratch?


we are building:

  • a walkable community
  • 600 homes on or within a block of a park or garden
  • 100 town homes
  • 600 apartment/condos
  • a micro-school
  • 15 independent restaurants
  • independent retail, office, and co-working space
  • Piedmont wellness center
  • 15 miles of trails
  • a boutique hotel
  • an extended-stay hotel
  • a performing arts center
  • a grocer & weekly farmer’s market
  • 51% protected forest & green space
    ... all across the street from Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

our design principles:

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 2.08.44 PM.png

1 |  Creatives thrive here.

The individual & collective flourishing of young creatives are a top priority in every space, event, value, & norm we create. Their wellness & creativity drive our design decisions.


2 |  Authentic.

Here—Doesn’t exist anywhere else, site-specific, speaks to what is special about Pinewood Forest. Now—Standing at the edge of the future, drawing from the best of the past. Timeless—Taps into nature, culture, & deep values to become a classic.


3 |  Better in 100 years. 

Environmental responsibility, resiliency, and sustainability are all kept in focus by making longevity the goal. We’re not in this for the short game. (And making places beautiful is one of the best ways to ensure longevity.)


4 |  Forest-like. 

The forest itself provides a beautiful & poetic model of community, density, refuge, & diversity. The abstract patterns of & subtle references to the forest unify our designs with their natural environment.

create the things you wish existed.