Home details

All Pinewood Forest homes have a high level of included features. Residents have the choice to customize their own apartment, condo, townhome or studio with our team of designers. Our standard home features include:

  • Pinewood Forest Green Building Certification

    Pinewood Forest homes are built to stringent green building standards, and the entire community is designed for walking and a reduced impact on the earth.

    A Pinewood Forest Green Certified home is more quiet, comfortable, healthy, clean, energy & water efficient, and resilient compared to a conventional home.

  • Geothermal HVAC

    Geothermal energy is the process of harnessing the natural temperature of the earth’s crust to regulate the temperature of homes or water. Through the use of liquid cooling pipes that store the natural temperature of the earth’s crust, which is between 55-65 degrees, geothermal units are able to heat and cool homes more efficiently.

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  • Pre-wired for electric vehicle charging station

    Our homes are electric vehicle ready offering safe access to a dedicated power supply for the purpose of charging your vehicle. Installing a charging station post-construction can be a large expense for the homeowner. Being electric vehicle ready ensures that the conduit and service panel capacity are ready and available.

  • Professional landscaping and maintenance

    Each home has a customized landscape plan and is maintained by our Pinewood Forest Outdoors team. Our landscape design is both visually pleasing and functional. Using only the best plant material, we choose colorful foliage as well as blooming flowers that will bring visual interest to every season.

  • 10' ceilings on main

    Our high ceilings will capture your visual attention. Part of the appeal of high ceilings is no doubt related to a general preference for space, but the behavioral and brain evidence suggests there’s more to it than that. Research shows that rooms with high ceilings prompt us to think more freely.

  • Gourmet kitchen with Bosch appliances

    You would expect to see these standard finishes as upgrades in a luxury home. Bosch appliance package, plumbing fixtures in popular finishes by Delta and more, solid wood custom cabinetry with custom paint or stained finishes, wide plank engineered wood flooring. Granite marble and stone counter top selections and apron front kitchen sink are standard.

  • Private courtyards

    Nestled throughout the development, private courtyards are designed specifically for each home providing a private outdoor area and extending the living space of your residence.

  • Walkable community

    Over 15 miles of pedestrian and bike friendly paths minimizes the need for cars within Pinewood Forest. Every residence is within 1 block of a park or greenspace. 50% of the land’s greenery is preserved.

Geothermal &
Net-zero capable

All of our detached homes and townhomes are capable of running off the grid, thanks to our five-point strategy. One: They are all geothermal—they use the earth’s constant temperature to help heat and cool. Two: They have a smaller footprint. Three: They have a tightly sealed envelope—no drafts. Before we get to four and five, let’s appreciate that just these three aspects alone will get you a delightfully lower energy bill. But if you add Four: Solar power and Five: Smart Home Technology, you can be at net-zero or net-positive. Drop the mic.

Award-winning design

Every home is thoughtfully designed by our town architect, Lew Oliver, so that each exterior is unique. You’re going to love wandering our streets. We have 19 interior floor plans (with brilliant use of space). Dana Lynch Designs helps you navigate your interior selections with the right balance of streamlined ease and enough choice to make your home feel like your home. Both Lew and Dana have won multiple awards for their elevated designs. The details are everything.


One fantastic perk of having Lew custom-design all of our homes is that he can control where the windows and views are arranged from one home to another—so your private courtyard stays private. It’s the little things.

Smart Home

Fiber to the home. Conduit for future internet service providers. CAT6 and CAT6A along with RG6 and fiber to each significant connection in the home, like an office or desk. Houses are prewired for WAPs. Home automation ready with strategically placed connectivity. Custom technology options available at your request. (If you don’t speak tech, translation: it’s awesome, you’re set.)

Form &

Isn’t it delightful to be someplace where designers have considered all the details? Think of this town as your refuge. A place where people have been intentional about everything from the materials in the sidewalks (slate, in our case), to how much natural light each room receives, and ensuring corners are properly mitered. We are dedicated to beautiful proportions, materiality, craftsmanship, and authenticity from architecture to landscaping and everything in between.

Healthy homes

Our high green standards for each home are not only good for the environment and your energy bills, they’re good for you and your family’s health and wellness. For example, we require low toxicity in all the materials used, we use as much natural light as possible which supports better mood and sleep, and our exceptionally high quality air filtration system helps with mold, pollen, and other allergens. Our geothermal system means there are no air compressors constantly humming outside, subconsciously grating on your nervous system. And significantly, the walkability and connection with your neighbors might be your home’s biggest gift to your health.

No yard work

Most of our homes are accompanied by a small courtyard and just enough plant life to soften the architecture. The best part? Our in-house landscaping team takes care of your landscaping design and maintenance for your home. That means you can enjoy a well-kept yard and a lot of extra free time you would have spent pulling weeds. If you want more room to play or soak in some vitamin D, it’s never more than a block to a park...that you don’t have to take care of!

Smaller footprint

Perhaps the most important step we take in both our green initiatives and efforts to enable true community is to build our homes smaller and closer together than most of our contemporaries (the McMansions). This approach requires less material to build the homes (did you know construction materials make up 40% of today’s landfills?) and less resources to run them. Plus, with more intimate lot sizes, you’ll have more opportunities to connect with your neighbors.