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Some of the biggest foodies in Atlanta got together to hand-pick the food scene for Pinewood Forest, calling some of our best-known chefs and rising stars to assemble twelve one-of-a-kind restaurants that will nourish you beyond the call of duty. A range of opportunities from fine dining to pizza, gelato, and tacos will hit the spot no matter what you're hankering.


A new Asian-American, fine-dining meets casual concept by James Beard Grant winner Tanya Jiminez and Michael Le.

Hop City & Barleygarden
More than just a beer's all about finding your next sudsy favorite while eating delicious, hand-held foods and salads.

Honeysuckle Gelato
Honeysuckle Gelato combines the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavors and desserts of the South.


Just like we have no chain restaurants, we have no chain retail. We are reaching out to local makers and entrepreneurs to set up shops like no other here in Pinewood Forest. Our main street will be chock-full of indie boutiques and galleries you can’t find anywhere else. And don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path to find artists and makers in their shop homes just off our downtown. Talk with the artists, watch them work, and buy pieces straight out of their workshops. 


A walkable town doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you can’t walk to work from your home. We have lots of good news! One: Pinewood Atlanta Studios is an easy walk/bike across the street. Two: A beautiful coworking, studio, and office building is on our main street. Three: Fiber. Work from home, in the parks, or in our writer’s rooms at the highest speeds possible. Four: Our wifi-enabled shuttle can take you to the airport so you can hop on MARTA and get anywhere in Atlanta, or a plane and get anywhere in the world.

wellness center

Well-being is intentionally designed into every inch of our town, and Piedmont’s Wellness Center demonstrates our commitment to your health. It is located front and center, with walls of glass opening to the loveliest grove of trees. It offers state-of-the-art fitness, including a D1 Training program, lap and therapy pools, spin room, yoga, massage, and nutritionists that can be tracked and overseen by medical professionals. We believe in it so much that residents get free membership for their first year.


If you’re looking for good energy, this is the place. Three floors of apartments sit above the shops, restaurants, and workshops of our downtown. Six hundred apartments, condos, townhomes and studios by the time it’s all built, ranging from one to three bedrooms.


We have a school in Pinewood Forest. But not just any school, we have The Forest School: An Acton Academy. It’s a micro-school for grades 1-12 that’s like a montessori for the 21st century. The school guides self-directed learners to pursue their interests and engage with the real world as young people who can make a difference now, not just when they graduate. We are also a short drive from many other great public, private, and charter options.


If you’re visiting for a short stay or special occasion, an intimate boutique hotel (with fine dining, a spa, and event space) will help you treat yo’self. Guests in town for longer or more frequent visits may prefer our extended stay hotel. The hotels are located at either end of our main drag so you have full access to all the dining, shopping, and events. We’d love to give you a taste of Pinewood.


Where do I buy my groceries? An important question! For now, we have a farmers market (with bouncy houses and other family fun) on the weekends, and a Sprouts, Publix, and Fresh Market within less than a ten minute drive in Fayetteville, if you’re not the Amazon Fresh type. Before long, we’ll have a small grocer in our downtown, too.


It's impossible to list them all here but near the top of the list are: real community, the pursuit of sustainability, design-oriented everything, 51% green space, 15 miles of trails, a forest preserve, every home on or within a block of a park, 15 independent restaurants, shops, a Performing Arts Center, a Wellness Center, pools, sport courts, a fishing pond, a frog pond, lots of gardens, an amphitheater, fiber internet access, a spa, an airport shuttle, and on and on and on...

Intentionally different.

The world doesn’t need another boring subdivision.

We’re building a vibrant town with the help of the South’s greatest entrepreneurs, creators and storytellers. Pinewood Forest is not a subdivision of homes, or a residential development. It’s your town.


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